Let me introduce you to the music training place, OTOREN


Dear Music Enthusiasts, what do you do when you come to participate in a competition in Tokyo? Do you eat sushi, gyudon, and control your condition? If you’re in Tokyo for a competition, you need to find a music training room that will bring you up to your best condition the day before the competition.


You can’t play musical instruments in hotels and restaurants or sing vocally to your heart’s content. There is a music training gem in Shinjuku. This is OTOREN, where we offer classical music training rooms. This is not an expensive music studio but a place to practice music, even daily! Therefore, the fee is reasonable, and it is a space where you can raise your musical condition to the highest level.


The training room environment is kept clean, and piano coordination and props are thoroughly managed. All practice rooms are equipped with full-body mirrors to help with posture correction. It has a secure security system and is fully equipped with high-quality YAMAHA soundproofing that does not interfere with practice. Excellent heating and cooling facilities create a pleasant environment throughout the year.


Music is performed not only by individuals, but also by ensembles, chorus, and dance. To do this, we have practice rooms of various sizes and facilities. You can practice by yourself calmly, as well as form an ensemble, practice the chorus, dance, and even practice the authentic classics on a grand piano. It is also a suitable space for instructors and students to take music lessons together or practice K-pop songs and dances.


Our OTOREN is a space where you participate in competitions, performances, pleasant memories with fellow performers, enthusiastic guidance and polishing by instructors and students, and passion for the stage. We are rooting for your dreams.


Please visit us here at OTOREN. After signing up for the first time, you can make a reservation online or through the WEB anytime, anywhere. This place is conveniently located by a 3-minute walk from Exit C8 of Shinjuku 3-chome Station and a 4-minute walk from Exit 1 of Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station in Tokyo with excellent transportation.